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What is a Rolex replica famous?

Rolex is not generally high in China, many people may not know Patek Philippe, but it is very likely to know Rolex. We chat after dinner; when it comes to Rolex, it will be said that the black water ghost and the green water ghost of Rolex because the water ghost is too good, whether it is cost performance, visibility, or retention rate and appearance, let many table friends full of praise.

The scientific name of the “green water ghost” is the Rolex Oyster Constant Motion Submersible Calendar watch. Since its birth in 1953, this watch has become one of the necessary equipment for professional divers and has become a classic watch with an SAO gas green dial and a waterproof depth of up to 300 meters. The table has many green ghost fans.

The heart of the green ghost is the ace movement of Rolex3135 automatic chain movement. The spring is equipped with a triple tight closed apron, which makes the Parachrom Hairspring have excellent earthquake resistance and endurance ability, very suitable for ordinary wear, and the best choice for divers.So hot watch, in the end, what is extraordinary? And the market for reprints seems to be more desirable than the real thing.

One: fresh, young emerald

The reason green water ghost is more popular than black water ghost of the same quality has a lot to do with its emerald green. Emerald green is relatively fresh, and its audience is all-consuming, from promising young people in their 20s to middle-aged uncles, which lowers the age of consumer groups. What’s more, emerald is more attractive, especially under lights. The nickname “Green Water Ghost” also comes from its green bezel and dial.

Second: durable quality

Rolex green and black water ghosts are equipped with Rolex company house cal.3135 movements, a so-called automatic chain of the king movement. To improve stability, changed the well-known blue spring, the shaft, and the gear to enhance the use of alloy metal, significantly reducing the probability of failure; Rolex won a good reputation once and for all.

Third, the unique and mysterious 904L fine steel quality.

Rolex Company is the only one to use 904L fine steel quality in watchmaking; even if Patek Philippe has not succeeded in the development, RoLEX’s technology and sincerity can be seen. At present, Rolex Green water ghost uses this unique and mysterious 904L of fine steel. 904L FINE STEEL IS A super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy with up to 21% chromium content and corrosion resistance comparable to precious metal materials. In 1988, Rolex was the first to introduce 904L fine steel into watchmaking.

So far, the industry is the only extensive and systematic application of this material in the case of crown and strap manufacturing enterprises. The 904L steel is manufactured in a rigorous process. After the first casting, the metal is redissolved into a vacuum container, cleaned to remove impurities, and scanned by an electron microscope before being used to make watches. Therefore, the keeper made of 904L steel has a firm metallic texture and dazzling luster but also has strong toughness and wear resistance.

Fourth: deep diving performance

Although in the back of the waterproof performance, this green water ghost sees intrinsic ability. The reason why it is called water ghost is because of its super diving performance, waterproof depth of up to 300m, basically can deal with the everyday underwater activities of human beings, summer to the seaside surfing diving, swimming pool play will follow one’s whim, no longer need to worry about love table water.

Fifth: young fashion wear

The appearance of emerald makes Rolex Green Water Ghost a favorite of fashion. All kinds of fashion people can DIY their favorite style according to their favorite. Some wear leather belts, some wear fiber belts, and some wear rubber belts or other accessories.

Sixth: intense and charming night light.

As a diving table, how can the lack of a luminous solid? Green water ghost is no exception; the night light is strong, soft, and charming, even underwater diving; it can also clearly read the time and is your most faithful partner in the dark.

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