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The Brown And Black Fake Rolex Ring Makes You Love “The Golden Law”

Rolex, with its strong and enduring brand, is, in fact, a master of “color.” Whether it’s a green water phantom in the same color as the brand’s logo or a rainbow-colored di, this is a classic watch people talking about it. In recent years, Rolex has once again taken up the trend of matching glasses. Rolex has always regarded the two-tone ring as a kind of pride. After all, the company created its two-tone watch in the 1930s. At Baselworld 2018, in addition to the red and blue Greenwich steel ring that sparked the discussion, it also launched the two-tone brown and black Greenwich ring. For this color scheme, how to classify it?

There are two Greenwich type II Rolex GMT master replica brown and black in two colors: the rose gold and intermediate gold versions, fitted with the new 3285 movements. The most astonishing freshness of these two new products is color, and Rolex has again brought brown to the watch. It’s been a while since the GMT of the last brown bezel has elapsed. This time the ring in the two colors brown and black did not choose the same gold version as the old model but chose rose gold, and red rose gold was better than gold. Stronger!

The combination of the brown and black Cerachrom ceramic ring and rose gold makes the watch “full of luxury.” The whole look has a good understanding of color balance. In addition to the perfect combination of brown, black, and rose gold, the use of gold in the dial is also full of details, adding to the watch’s exquisiteness. I believe that a lot of people still have the desire to work for gold. Gold is a symbol of wealth, and owning a Rolex gold watch is also a blessing and an affirmation in itself.

The Rolex GMT Master replica fitted with a new 3285 movement equipped with the unique patented replica Rolex Chronergy escape system. It has better functionality than the traditional lever system, offers superior efficiency, and has a 70-hour power reserve, which exceeds the 48-hour power reserve of the previous movement of 3186. The new campaign also equipped—Parachrom blue hair, which has improved anti-magnetic and anti-vibration aspects.

This year’s clock models have changed movement in the dial position, a small crown added in the middle of the SWISS MADE, and the new Ghost King is the same.

Everyone knows that Replica Rolex GMT master watches steel models on the market highly sought after. This year’s new steel shell chain’s red and blue ring is even more speculative to buy it at a higher price. Replica Rolex is a brand that knows the business well. It has an advantage: every penny you spend is worth it.