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Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetual Black Replica Watch

Rolex Submariner (undated) Stainless Steel Dial (Ref: 114060)

Oyster Perpetual Submariner – An absolute recommendation for professionals who do not want to give up this style! The Rolex submarine is one of the iconic models in the history of the watch industry. Almost every other brand inspires divers in this Rolex diving watch. Frame, scale, crown shield – nearly every aspect is symbolic.

The submarine was launched in 1953 and was the first waterproof meter to reach 100 meters.

In this model’s continuous development, the use of a tightening crown lock (a patented system with 3-level sealing) can reach a depth of 300 meters today. I’ll be back later.

Let’s take a look at a little knowledge about this Rolex replica:

– Only Rolex-approved watches can fit into the core of this oyster, and the bottom of the box sealed for torque. It makes it completely airtight. It protects the movement from water and firm pressure.

The quality of the Rolex Submariner replica is the same as the quality the company uses. The upper half of the box has a round brush surface. The sides are horizontal, leaving a small intermediate chamfer, like a centrally chamfered tooth.

– After mounting the travel rock winding crown, screw it into the oyster box so that its sealing performance is comparable to that of an underwater lock.

For example, the system can adjust the length of a dive suit bracelet without tools. Then you can stretch the bracelet a total of 20mm.

The satin finish on the black dial is perfect.

The Rolex replicas Oyster Perpetual Submariner is placed very comfortably on the wrist. Its height is slightly higher than in all cases over 40mm, making watches of medium size highly prized and reducing the trend of the latest models.

The bracelet is another advantage of this model. The cover structure is stable and can be adjusted very precisely. All ties tightened for straightforward shortening, and the cap can remove if needed—the thickness of the two window dolls.

This timeless classic watch features a mechanical movement (Rolex 3135 movement) with perpetual motion and a para chrome spring. The COSC (Official Certified Swiss Astronomical Clock) is named because it guarantees the accuracy of time and absolute reliability.