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Rolex replica GMT-Master Reference 16700 Ultimate Guide

A brief history of the Rolex GMT-Master series

The Rolex GMT-Master watch debuted in 1955. Explicitly developed for Pan Am pilots, it can track two time zones. The carefully designed Rolex watch includes an additional hour hand (one revolution every 24 hours) and a 24-hour rotating bezel on the dial. Therefore, to see the second time zone, the pilot has to rotate the bezel to adjust the appropriate number to 24 hours.

The first reference to launch the series is the GMT Master Reference. They equipped with a 6542, 38 mm stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet, and 24-hour scale blue and red rotating bakelite bezel. Not only does the two-color bezel help distinguish between day and night in the second time zone, but blue and red are also iconic design features of the GMT-master watch. The blue and red bezels are officially called BLRO (blue/red, blue/red in French), but the common name is “Pepsi.”

By the end of this century, Rolex had replaced the first model with the MT-Master Ref. 1675. Its predecessor, GMT-Master Ref. 1675. A larger 40mm box introduced in 1675 and now has crown protection and an aluminum bezel. Since the GMT Master 1675 has been in production for over 20 years, this model has undergone many upgrades over the years.

Next up is the GMT-Master 16750, which was launched in 1981 and wasn’t manufactured before 1988. The GMT-Master 16750 is similar in style to the new version of this reference model. Rolex has replaced the 1675 and equipped the new model with improved features such as double waterproofing, improved movement, and the addition of fast data settings (data set independently of time). ) And hacker technology. (Move the second hand completely). Stops when pulling the winding crown).

Finally, in 1988, the GMT Master Ref arrived. The 16700 has several developments, including a sapphire crystal, a watch with white gold indexes, and a new movement. However, it’s interesting that Rolex launched the GMT-Master II model five years before releasing the GMT-Master 16700. Two versions of the pilot watch offered at the same time for financial reasons—GMT-Master reference. The appearance of the 16700 is GMT-Master II Ref. Is almost the same as. 16710, but the price is lower. The main difference between GMT Master and GMT Master II is the way they work. It explained in detail below.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16700 has been in production for ten years until it founded in 1999. Suspension marked the end of the GMT-Master era and paved the way for the GMT-Master II to become the leading Rolex pilot watch.

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Rolex GMT-Master 16700

Movement: Automatic
gender male
Case size: 40Mm
Model: 16700
Border color: blue and red (“Pepsi”); black
Call type: Black, Mercedes style cell phone, 24-hour red cell phone,
Functions: Time of execution seconds, data display, second-time zone
Baffle: Bi-directional aluminum insert, 24-hour scale

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