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Rolex is very popular. What is Rolex’s most famous book? The answer is hard to unify, but Rolex submariner replica is one of them. Even those who do not care about watches now at least know it.

However, the original design was changed by the new Crown epidemic, which allowed people to wait nearly half a year to see the new Rolex 2020 product, and it updated the entire submarine series. Thus, we have seen a new generation Oyster Eternal Submariner and Oyster Eternal Submariner calendar.

The new generation Oyster Purchasing Submariner and Oyster Purchasing Submarine Calendar has launched a unique design with a 41mm case and expands the belt’s center connection. In keeping with the prototype watch’s classic aesthetic features, the new submarine Oystersteel model has a black dial with the same color ceramic porcelain on the outer ring. The new models in the submarine calendar are Oystersteel with black dials and green lettering; Yellow gold version with royal blue dial and blue lettering (Oystersteel and 18 gold combination); And white gold 18 models with black dial and blue word circle. The Oyster Purchasing Submarine has a 3230 caliber launch for the first time this year. The Oyster Eternal Submariner Calendar consists of 3235 motions. These movements equipped with a timed escape system, developed and patented by Rolex, which guarantees a power reserve of about 70 hours.


Summarizing all the products, the difference between the new and old models lies in the following: Case mm. 40 to mm. Increased to 41, but the hips narrowed, so it does not seem to have changed much; Developed and manufactured by Rolex, the 3230 and 3235 motors (calendar models) are self-winding, have a 70-hour power reserve, and are super chronometer-certified. The dial adds a small crown logo at 6 am, which is a shortcode to distinguish between old and new models quickly.

Oyster Perpetual Submariner, mm. 41, Oyster Steel © Rolex / Alain Costa. The submarine type and the submarine calendar type are equipped with chromolite bright displays to distinguish them in a dark environment clearly.

But for one thing, the relentless effort has not changed—no history, all gold, each model, all 300m water safe. Looking back at Rolex’s history in the diving industry, we can understand that the brand’s diving watches are still popular today.

Of course, to understand Rolex’s achievements in the field of diving watches, it is necessary to suggest a replica Rolex sea dweller (Rolex Deepsea). Rolex Experimental Deep-Sea Species (Deep Sea Species) Clock dived into the Mariana Trench with Trieste around 1960. Resistant to considerable water pressures of up to 11,000 m below sea level; In 2012, another Rolex Rolex Deepxia Challenge test diving clock fitted to the robotic arm of a submarine led by renowned explorer and director James Cameron. Replica Rolex watches once again penetrated the Mariana Trench with a water resistance of 12,000 meters.

To this day, field trials of Rolex and diving pioneers continue. The waterproof depth of a modern submarine is limited to 300 meters by factory setting, and although it is sufficient for 99.9% of watch users, it kept in mind that the submarine designed to meet the needs of land divers. Watch.