Swiss Rolex GMT Master Replica 126720 Stainless steel strap 40MM Black Dial


Range:GMT Master
Case material:Stainless steel
Bracelet material:Stainless steel
Dial colour:Black
Water resistance:Water Resistant

Water Resistance: 30 meters. The waterproof depth of the watch is 30 meters, which is a good feature for the watch. Tips: The standard configuration is just life waterproof, need to purchase additional waterproof service which is up to 30 meters. For details, please get in touch with our customer service.


C Rolex 2022 new product 126720 left-handed, features: clean exclusive black/green one-piece fired bezel, the color is very close. Filled with platinum scales, the craftsmanship inherits the previous Coke Circle/Inter Milan color matching technology. There is a slight mutual “color” effect between the two colors. Where the two colors intersect, there is no clear dividing line. Ordinary color matching ceramic rings on the market are straight lines. It looked extremely stiff.Because the gmt pointer/green needle+second hand of 126720 will be shorter than the ordinary 126710 pointer, so this time it is also a separate mold. The strap case is made of 904L stainless steel, and the strap part is provided by the AR foundry. Demonstrate the highest quality of Sprite Circle.

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