I mentioned if 2012 was the 40th anniversary of the replica luxury watches. The Le Brassus brand was easy to focus on Royal Oak and publish both past and entertainment and collection collections. They certainly did. Nothing extremely innovative. As far as we can imagine, we believe Audemars Piguet respects Gerald Genta’s classic core look.
One of the highlights of the 40-year-old Royal Oak is the new design with a width of 41 mm. With the width of the first “jumbo” model of 39 mm. The original jumbo has a new jumbo of 2012 again, but this 41mm broad oak set is the jumbo of the year. Hands and sequences are available.

According to Adimeras Peugeot, all Royal Oak Hours made indoors. Mega Tapestry’s search style has changed! A new book, “Dear Recording.” In addition to the holes raised in the dial, there are small concentric circles, mainly due to the structure of the tissue. The results are subtle but beautiful.

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New songs are fun, and I think skeptics, even groups. There is also a new wrap dress. It’s long been a topic of controversy in Royal Oak. Change is key. It’s useless, but the details are beautiful. Functionally, Royal Oak comes with a lock button that looks good when turned off.
In addition to the 41mm optical optimization, it is the new Royal Oak chronograph. Inside the fake shopping websites list 2017 is a self-propelled Audemars Piguet Caliber 2385, which increases the size of the case. Unlike the Reddit replica watches itself, the chronograph has no display. Both colors are gold and rose gold 18k 2012. There are also many different search options. The silver, white, black, and navy color options are available in both categories. Blue is metallic and looks excellent.
When it comes to Royal Oak Offshore, today, people have many size options. In 2012 alone, Audemars Piguet copy clocks released 37mm 39mm and 41mm full versions of Royal Oak. Many fans go to the limited edition model and try the classic jumbo again. For me, this 41mm width version wins. The chronograph is a cherry model and is perfect for three-handed formal or everyday use. Comfortable, stylish, and very masculine.