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New product 2020 Fake rolex Submarine released

Like all brands, Rolex released a new updated model and every year. But unlike so many other societies, which is the eve of the advocate and mixed. With only a few changes and upgrades, you can hardly see anything. (Of course, in their opinion) is useful to watch in the long run. Will Rolex meet consumers’ demands and expectations, or will it follow the trend by making sure it looks like it is setting the direction? I do not know. However, its 2020 release is controversial. Rolex has announced new models in its current four series: Submarine, Dentist, Oyster Prometic and Sky Dover. The most anticipated new version is that of the Submarine series. Unfortunately, they also have some weaknesses which disclosed a few days ago.

Submarine: new feature?

Rolex has unveiled eight new submarines, including a combination of steel, precious metals, and history and history clocks with two heads. Let’s start with the most popular option, which is a no-fuss submarine. The previous version of this watch is Reef. 114060 and reference number 124060 for the new Rolex submarine. It has a thin bezel and an oyster steel case of 41mm, 1mm larger than the previous point. However, this is not the only function that Rolex has redesigned for this new timepiece. Arbitrator. It also fitted with the new movement 3230 124060. This front trip is limited to 2 seconds a day, has an earthy color to show, and has the power to store up to 70 hours.

The best Rolex replica also replaced the Oyster bracelet that came with each submarine. But do not worry! The bracelet is always folding Oysterlock hook to prevent accidental opening; There is also a tremendous glide extender system that adapts perfectly to your wrist (or WhatsApp).

Rolex is not the history of submarines. We come to the history of submarines. The part number of the previous version is 116610LN, and LN stands for “Black Black” or “Black Border.” You can find the new date of the Rolex Submarine 2020 under the reference number 126610LN. This model has the same upgrade, which has no history. However, since it also has the date display function, the capacity is different. It is the first time in underwater history, Rolex has presented 3,235 movements in aquatic history. This movement appeared on other Rolex watches, such as Dualist Aid and Sea Dowler. The most significant upgrade to this watch isn’t necessarily a big case or a considerable movement. Rolex has released several alerts based on reference 126610. It includes the latest models from the distant past. Seven Rolex Submarine Dates launched on September 1. Here are our first three points:

1. Reference 126610LV

the recognizable face is the 126610LV with the “Half Moon Shaped Welt” or “Green Bezel” “Kermit, called the collector.” The bar was unveiled a few years later and replaced by the Hulk. This latest model has both a green frame and a green dial. With the new Comet 126610LV, the Hulk (116610LV) 126610LV uses a 41mm stainless steel case fitted with a 3235 movement.

2. Reference 126613LB

The new two-tone Rolex replicas submarine found at reference number 126613LB. This model uses a combination of Oyster steel and 18K gold called Loresol. The bezel remains Cerachrom inlaid. However, this model has a blue bezel instead of the black or Green of the previous model. It goes well with the Royal Blue sunrise dial to match. The case made of 18K gold, and the bracelet made of Oyster steel as the outer and 18K gold center links.

3. Reference 126619LB

Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

Rolex has finally released a new version of the White Gold Submariner Date with a blue bezel known as “Smurf.” The number of this replica Rolex Submariner is 126619LB, but the previous model was 116619LB (“Lunette Blue” or “Blue Bezel”). Smurf case. The new one is 41mm thick and has a thinner tongue. However, the point is 18K white gold, not steel. The black dial is similar to the LN, LV, and non-date models. However, the hands and hands sparkle in 18K white gold (similar to all models except two-tone sub-models).

The all-new Rolex Submariners are the most advanced watches with or without a date display. It has passed the COSC and Rolex certification process, and it also comes with a 5-year international warranty. The release of these new models means that old references, including some of the more popular models such as the Hulk, will not be used. More extended, at least now, Submariners aren’t the only ones to receive new and updated watches in 2020. Stay tuned for the latest Rolex.