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Rolex introduces the new Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 41, the gem of the jeweled watch collection. 18 ct Eternal Rose gold Pearlmaster 41 watch set with the rarest diamonds, fully showing Rolex in the gem setting of extraordinary skills.

Pearlmaster41’s 41mm case perfectly combines Rolex’s superior precision watchmaking skills with gemstone setting technology. This precious watch features a new generation 3235 movement with 14 patents and a Chronergy escapement system developed by Rolex. The new Pearlmaster 41 has been certified as a Top Observatory by Rolex 2015, ensuring top performance on the wrist.

The watch’s delicate dial is heavily encrusted with diamonds, each of which has been closely examined by Rolex’s gemstone identification department to meet the brand’s strict requirements for quality and reliability. As these colorful gemstones show a bright natural color, each is hand-selected to ensure that the paint on the watch has the same color.

Carefully embellished Pearlmaster 41 is no different from another Rolex watch and can reflect the brand’s excellent watchmaking technology. Its oyster-style case, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, is a model of sturdiness and elegance with perfect proportions. The uniquely shaped middle case is the original block solid 18 ct Eternal Rose gold, cast from Rolex’s foundry. Rolex BiaoJiang brand exclusive unique tool to the bottom of the triangle grooved tighten, make the watch case sealed and can be opened, so only a Rolex BiaoJiang movement. The upper chain crown has a double buckle dual waterproof system, firmly tightening the case. The mirror is made of blue crystal and is not easy to scratch. The three o ‘clock position is equipped with a small window convex lens for easy reading of the calendar. The Pearlmaster 41’s waterproof oyster case provides the best protection for high-precision movements.

What is a Rolex Pearlmaster watch?

The name “Pearlmaster” is derived from the pearl inlay, giving it a unique look. Pearlmaster watches are unique wristwatches made of real gold or platinum. Diamond wristband with diamond time scale and light reflection. Because of its impeccable quality, comparable to diamond watches. The pearls on the dial are hand-selected, and there are a wide variety of gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and so on. These gems will reflect light differently depending on your mood or occasion, making them look irresistible. Launched in 2000 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Oyster Constant Motion Women’s Log Watch, the Rolex Pearlmaster remains one of Rolex’s most iconic watches. It was initially designed for women, but later it offered different versions for men.

The Rolex Pearlmaster is available in black, brown, and silver. These three colors work well with all kinds of outfits, whether for work or on the go. The wide choice of colors makes this reproduction watch look fantastic and will last for years, as you won’t have to worry about changing colors every time you clean the crystal case.

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Rolex Pearlmaster m86405rbr-0001 Men’s 41mm rose gold bracelet.

Rolex Pearl Master m86409rbr-0001 41mm men’s diamond paving dial

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