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Fake Rolex Submariner Date 116610 LN Review

One of the best-known clocks to make time brighter than ever before. Join us for a better look at Rolex Submariner Date.

The Rolex Submariner was not the first diver’s watch and not the last. However, it is a popular non-professional dive watch. The Submariners set the trend, popularizing the dive watch as the dive watch’s symbol, and it looks like it is today. Let’s dive in.

Rolex Submariner Date116 ​​610LN review

The submarines have been in continuous development over the years. With the advent of new watch technology, Rolex received several patents, and the Submariner became better, more accurate, and reliable. One of the things that remained unchanged was the Submariner’s iconic appearance. Over time, the watch’s design grew more massive, but the Submariner started as a 36mm watch in 1955, but the number of watches increased over time. And now it’s 40 mm . and the size is just right.

Until the year, the date of the Submariner added to the long line of Submariners. The Submariner has a cyclops lens that allows you to expand the date display and introduce new features that have become one of the Rolex watches’ most famous symbols.

Best replica rolex date dial of the Rolex submariner replica series is stainless steel hands filled with luminescent materials for maximum visibility even in the dark. Cyclops lenses are placed at 3 o’clock in the date window to enlarge the date.

Fake rolex submariner black dial features a luminous time mark, a polished steel ring, and a printed second hand around the markers, using different shapes. Index time indicators used at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. All other timers use a circle except the triangle time marker at the 12-hour position.

Over the years, the Rolex Submariner replica Submariner case has used several mechanical movements, and now the 116610LN has a Rolex 3135 internal winding mechanism. Why did Rolex choose this automatic movement as a submarine?

The 31 Jewel 3135 movement uses a watchdog of a chronograph oscillator consisting of a patented Rolex balance wheel and an anti-magnetic hairspring. Even in a shock event, the spring performs 10 to 1 better than a traditional hairspring.

In addition to a good oscillator, it is a Swiss-made astronomical watch that has undergone many tests by COSC. It is like all Rolex mechanical watches, except that the 3135 is a COSC certified watch. It has an adjustment. Additional replacements when returned to the Rolex factory after receiving the famous COSC lineage.

These internal modifications provide an accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds per day. It is more than twice the certified COSC chronometer. Therefore, the word “Superior” printed, and the timepiece displayed on the dial.

The 40mm case in 904L steel, 13mm thick, not as thick as any residential Rolex C and Dipsier watch and is suitable for everyday wear. Case Lux and front are satin / brushed edge and crown protector. The crown is also polished, and the patented Trip Lock used to ensure the height securely screwed onto the oyster shell. It locks the crown, and the sturdy screwed steel case back cover holds the case with the same security as the underwater hatch, providing water resistance up to 1,000 ft / 300 m.

The 116610LN frame can be rotated in one direction, made of polished steel, and has a rubber edge for gripping. The baffle has a black search baffle. This ceramic bezel is exceptionally resistant to fading associated with UV light. The material is also extremely scratch resistant and provides excellent corrosion protection. The frame will have bright spots first, and the texture will have numbers and matt silver tone scales.

The Submariner 116610LN supplied with an Oyster bracelet in Oyster 904L steel, and the Rolex Glide Lock extension system used for easy adjustment of the bracelet. With this configuration, all 20 mm adjusted in 2 mm increments without any tools used.

The stainless steel bracelet’s brush surface is polished, the edges are polished and fitted with a folding safety clip with a safety latch designed for comfort and long-term use.