The Fake Richard Mille Replica watches of the fake Richard Mille brand are costly, with an average price of 180,000 US dollars, or about 1.24 million yuan. Far more than the high-end brands Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Lange in our traditional impression.

In the room, everyone called Richard Mille replica watch “billionaire’s ticket.” Note, this is talking about “billionaires,” not “millionaires,” and “millionaires.” “Millionaires” need to consider buying replica Richard Mille.

Richard Mille fake is a very young brand. It founded in 1999, and it has been less than 20 years. The brand name comes directly from the founder, Mr.?

The most significant relationship between him and observations is that he worked in Seiko and a French jewelry and clock store before the age of 50, and engaged in luxury marketing and management.

At the age of 50, that is, half a year later, he ran to found his watch brand. At present, the annual output of the Richard Mille replica brand is about 4,500 pieces, and the cumulative production in 20 years is about 40,000 pieces.

— CASE —

When it comes to fake Richard Mille Richard Miller. Everyone can quickly think of a variety of nouns, such as “NTPT.” “NTPT” is the abbreviation of “North Thin Ply Technology” in English, which is a carbon fiber material fabricated in a particular order.?

It has the highest weight-to-strength ratio among all materials. The directional strength, torsional stiffness, lateral stiffness. And other specific mechanical properties of carbon fiber finished products are.

The Swiss Renens company developed this kind of carbon fiber technology called “NTPT” as early as 2001. Unlike traditional weaving methods, when NTPT made. Each layer of 30-micron carbon fiber and the previous layer have a 45 ° position. Mobile.?

In addition to NTPT, Richard Mille also offers other materials for the case. Until 2013, replica Richard Mille opened the ProArt SA factory. Which had an independent production capacity of watch cases, and the previous products were purchased.


Friends who play antique watches can see their home stamps on the buckle, case, and strap from time to time.

The Chatelain family began participating in watch production in 1936, focusing on buckle and case polishing. It is relaunched after World War II, mainly engaged in the production of jewelry and high-end cases. Patek Philippe is its user.?


And the finished watches after assembly are expensive. So Richard Mille had to find another movement supplier to meet the basic needs. Since RM 010. Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier has become Richard Mille’s primary movement source.

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier belongs to the Sandoz Foundation. Which is the second wealthiest Landolt family in the Swiss watch industry. Watches and clocks are just a sideline of their family.?

Another watch brand, Parmigiani. Also belongs to the Sandoz Foundation. At the same time, Hermès spent 25 million Swiss francs on buying a 25% stake in this movement factory in 2006.?

APRP’s movement is fully customized. So we can’t find the specific selling price. Vaucher has been selling moves for the open market.

In the past few years, its official website also released the factory price of regular versions of the movement. Starting at 50, with an unusual amount of about 8,000 yuan. In recent years, the price has risen to about 12,000 yuan.

The Vaucher movement used by Richard Mille is a semi-custom model. The entire action of the splint, gears, and steel parts is also extraordinary. It uses frosted, bright light, PVD black plating, and other methods.

Also. Some of Richard Mille’s regular timepieces are modules superimposed on the Vaucher movement. Not produced by APRP. As for how to distinguish the movement from Vaucher or APRP .


Richard Mille often works with sports stars to get their watches to participate in various games. Such as sprinting, tennis. It’s easy for consumers to misunderstand that Richard Mille watches can be worn for sports. However, in practice.

Although Richard Mille’s watch uses a variety of new case materials, and even some models of the movement have specially designed. But it is still a mechanical watch.

No brand of an automatic watch can wear for long periods of intense activity, including Richard Mille. Just like people, no matter how much metal armor they wear.They are still a carbon-based creature.