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After the conquering Egypt and Spain, the ancient Romans took control of most of the Mediterranean coast and named it “Mare Nostrum,” which means “our sea.” Emperor Trajan further expanded the Roman Empire.

The territory reached the heyday of the empire and completely controlled the Mediterranean coast,?fairly easy to read indeed turning it into the waters belonging to the Roman Empire easily on the time .


Fortunately.Fake Panerai finally found one of the unique phenotypes of the original phenotype more than sixty years ago and was able to pass on Mare Nostrum. Which is still in the Panerai replica museum in Florence.

In 2010, the brand reproduced 99 Mare Nostrum watches in strict accordance with the trial works found, numbered PAM00300 easily understood by an average 11-year-old student . Out all.Easily understood by an average 11-year-old student.

Its full and flat-rolled bezel makes the barrel-shaped?very difficult to read case look round. The circle is more prominent on the matte surface.?

However,the balance wheel and the prototype model of the Angelus movement vibrate 18,000 times per hour. And also equipped with an anti-vibration device. All levers are polished and rounded sanding process. Through the bottom cover window You can see it all.?


So based on the replica version of the prototype watch, the brand launched?very difficult to read in 2010.This is on the historical classic faithfully reproduced, bringing powerful visual shock to watch fans easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students .


Since becoming beautiful a Richemont brand in 1997. Panerai replica will reinterpret its glorious history of more than 150 years every year. In 2015, And precious in historical?very difficult to read models. Watch, and reform with modern technology.Limited production of 150 to pay tribute to this period of history.