In addition to the new submarine series, which received much attention, Rolex updated the Oyster Paperwheel entry series and added more options to the original color plate. On the day of the sale, friends made it colorful, with the colors “Kalabash Baby” and “Pokemon.” Watch House also photographed new Rolex watches for the first time. As a tasting material, I took one of my favorite oyster propolis with a turquoise blue dial. The color of the phone and the friends of the clock, Blue Tiffany, mentioned. Let’s look at this watch together.

The best fake Rolex series Oyster Prometheus (Oyster Prometheus) watches are in the same line as the first waterproof Oyster watch in 1926. Rolex is world-famous for its Oyster watches, so Oyster Peripheral watches are available. It has all the essential features like precise weather maintenance, waterproof oyster sheath, and continually moving automatic movement. Oyster Perpetual has always been an entry-level model for customers to choose from in the modern Rolex market. With his unusual aesthetic design, he also became known for his beautiful style.

The new fake Rolex Oyster Peripheral Mens model has two sizes, 41 mm in diameter and 36 mm. The image size is 41 mm larger, and the larger model also compared to the old 39 mm—an increase of 2 mm—the oyster box made of a piece of solid oyster steel, which is difficult to remove. The oyster steel material is also a model of durability.

The other side of the watch features a screwed crown with the Rolex logo and the crown engraved with the brand’s famous crown logo. This screw has a waterproof double locking system on the height, significantly damaged, making the watch waterproof to 100 meters.

Personally, the biggest highlight of this watch is the turquoise dial that stands out in this watch series. The texture of the turquoise paint is unique and unique. The new-look also builds on the Oyster Perpetual series tradition and shows the time most concisely and elegantly. The indexes and hands are made of durable, shiny 18-carat gold and are coated with an easy-to-read Chromalight luminous paint to make the watch flat. You can read even in dark places. Here I would like to mention the changes in the dial compared to the previous model. All new time scales use a rectangular glow time scale. At the same time, at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, you can see that Rolex uses two luminous rectangles that placed side by side to form a time scale. It is usually a single luminescence time marker or a side-by-side combination of luminescence time markers and metal time markers in earlier models. Rolex put a small crown symbol on a 6 o’clock scale in the middle of Switzerland to distinguish it from older models.

You can see Rolex’s process details for the case and carpet. The elegant sheen reflected on both sides. The Oyster case is paired with a rounded, domed, polished bezel to highlight and reinforce the sleek silhouette.

The new type Oyster Perpetual equipped with an Oyster bracelet made of Oystersteel. This 3-link bracelet was released in the late 1930s and is sturdy and reliable. In the details, you can see that the middle link of the strap is wet, and the outer peripheral surface is polished and built into the case.

The Oyster bracelet features a foldable Oyster clasp and engraved with the brand’s crown logo on the lower edge of the buckle. This buckle equipped with an easily adjustable link developed by Rolex, with which the wearer can easily adjust the strap and extend it to approx. 5 mm. It is the first time that the Oyster Perpetual series equipped with an easy-to-adjust strap attachment. The clock has a screwed design on the back. The latest permanent movement core Rolex 3230 located under the back. The new technology is based on the nickel-phosphorus Chronergy escapement system and is efficient and reliable without magnetic interference. Color Parachrom Hairspring, made of a unique paramagnetic alloy, cast by Rolex. Its resistance to the effect is ten times greater than normal hair. The powerful liquid system improves the overall resistance to movement vibrations. Simultaneously, the new 3230 movements increased the movement’s power reserve by about 70 hours. The Rolex Observatory also approved the drive, a significant increase over the previous model’s 48 hours due to the barrel construction and evacuation system’s high efficiency. It takes less than 2 seconds a day and comes with a five-year global warranty.

Summary: The turquoise color of this Rolex oyster perpetual date replica Drive provides an excellent overall visual impact. In the development trend of today’s large diameter watches, the new 2mm increase is less noticeable. It was thick and sudden and didn’t ruin the watch’s beauty. Internally, the new movement perfectly embodies Rolex’s innovative technology and the highest level of watchmaking. It has improved accuracy and reliability, power reserve, vibration resistance, magnetic resonance, and ease of use. Oyster Perpetual Action is Rolex’s entry-level model. If you need a good watch, it is better to pay more attention.