The brand of Breitling is no stranger to everyone. It belongs to a medium-sized brand, not luxurious but not ordinary. Since its inception in 1884, the Breitling watch, known as the “aviation computer,” has only produced pocket watches and produced luminous instruments with timing functions for the military, and has since focused on the production of aerial timing replica watches. It has also provided precision and reliable cockpit timers for large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Douglas, and Lockheed. Through years of continuous evolution, its products have remarkable features, which not only meet the needs of aviation, navigation and other professional fields but also bring new design elements and styles to everyday people’s wristwatch wear.
Breitling fake watches air chronograph material selected from the conventional 316L steel forging type, the diameter of 43mm dial is consistent with the original, using the original 1:1 official mold opening. The gloss of 316L stainless steel is very high after polishing. The rotatable bezel is very well polished, and the inside of the bezel is recessed. This arc process is challenging, but the degree of reduction in our hands is very high.

Mirror The Breitling fake table is made of sapphire glass mirror and is coated with an anti-reflective blue film. Mirror transparency is also high and scratch-resistant. The color of the dial is black and white, and black and white is also a standard color match in the bezel. The entire panel system is quite complicated. There are a total of 6 hands. The hand and hour and minute hands and hour pointers of the chronograph are located on the center axis. Many of the friends watching are also separated from second-hand and second-hand chronograph. This JF Breitling chronograph watch is a very slender reed needle with a Breitling classic logo at the end of the chronograph.
Hours and minute hands, as well as hour pointers, are filled with luminescent material to ensure an average reading at night.
Show The 3 o’clock position is the chronograph distribution. The disc pointer is a silver-white pointer. The internal tick line of the disc is also very accurate. The 6-point timing disc is marked with 3, 6, 9, 12-time scales. 9 o’clock is a small second feature. It is worth mentioning that the function of JF Breitling Air timing is compelling. In addition to not being able to read this week, others can be read directly. The Calendar window is between 4 and 5 points. The position and scale of the JF calendar window are reasonably accurate. Compared to the genuine version, the date position is slightly closer to the dial. The text system on the disk surface is also in place, and the number of timescales, the scale, and spacing of the tick marks is outstanding. Another exciting thing is that the metal Breitling sign at 1 2 points is very striking on the dial.
Compared with the original, slightly less, they are layered very strong.
Dial The carefully polished dial has an elegant sheen, and the outer poop ring provides better maneuverability for bidirectional rotation. The top of the crown has a century-old logo, and the traditional round chronograph button has a retro feel.

Crown The spin-in design of the head and the fine polishing of the head are truly dazzling, with a triangular pit pattern on one side of the head for easy time adjustment. The left and right side of the head are timing startup (pause button) and reset button, and the timing button is polished to quite round and smooth. The Breitling mark on the crown is also very engraved. The sculptor is very praiseworthy, both in terms of different locations and the size ratio of the top.
The other side is also polished very smooth.
The side of the box is polished and finished is very good. Breitling is a bottom cover with compact design at the bottom and relatively strict control of detail. The case also bears the trademark of Breitling.
The carving around the middle circle is a conversion table converted by Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the engraving process is three-dimensional, regardless of the digital marker on the bottom cover.
Movement Or the logo is perfect, and the manufacturing process is quite good. This Breitling is equipped with a 7750 chronograph movement, which is very powerful and enables accurate implementation of all the original functions.
The 7750 caliber is also very stable.
Take The material and shape of the strap are consistent with the counter. The strap is made of black cowhide and is very soft, with the brand name printed on the back.
Polished steel case folding buckle and brand logo relief on it.
Dial If you’re obsessed with oversized dials and multifunction watches, then this watch is perfect for you. The dial of this watch is super large, 43 mm. The large black dial echoes a small three white dial. The contrast between black and white provides a visual impact. The red little second hand and the upgraded version of the Kimbretlin twin-wing aircraft logo become the last touch of the entire dial to bring vitality and improve to a calm black dial, which is easy to read.