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Because I Only Appreciate Best Fake Rolex Bracelets

Without further ado, get to the point. I’ve always paid little attention to bracelets and straps. The reason is that metal bracelets will not cause any problems when worn naturally. Although belts need to change for a long time, there are many places around us where we can change belts. If it looks normal to you, The strap is not good enough. You can also customize the strap. Some bespoke watch strap dealers choose the material and color to finish the belt, and the time between them won’t be very long. The texture and quality of the custom strap are relatively good, and the price isn’t too high. You can also label the corresponding clock. The brand logo makes you feel comfortable when you need to change the strap. However, of all watches, I only attach importance to Rolex bracelets because you all know that Rolex bracelets of different models are different, and even the same type of bracelet, there are huge differences between bracelets from different periods. It leads to a Rolex watch chain that significantly influences a Rolex watch’s value and even determines whether or not to buy a Rolex. It’s a big problem.

Rolex has also used many leather watch straps throughout history, and we can see many antique leather straps.

Rolex itself has not produced the Rolex replicas bracelet in a long time.

Even now, the straps of most watch brands aren’t made by themselves. They are all bought from the outside. Rolex is currently one of the few watch factories capable of producing their bracelets, but Rolex could not initially create their bracelets. In history, the first Rolex Oyster bracelet was bought by Rolex from the outside. In the 1930s, watch bracelets required additional costs. Like today, the price of a watch chain is very high, and sometimes the price of a watch chain will make up half of the entire watch (now let alone a chain, go to work The cost of a chain is also a lot high, especially the small crown on the Rolex clasp. If you lose it, you need to change a bracelet). The Rolex Oyster bracelet is from Gay Frères, a famous bracelet manufacturer of the time. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak bracelets, including later ones, are supplied by Gay Frères. There were many watch chain manufacturers in the watch industry at that time, but Rolex had always had a soft spot for Gay Frères and had never used the Gay Frères-made bracelet until 1998 when Rolex acquired Gay Frères.

One of Rolex’s significant improvements to the bracelet is an arc-shaped link on the bracelet’s front to complement the bracelet and case. It also became the beginning of the modern Oyster bracelet.

We see that the vast majority of Rolex watches are wristwatches, and there are not many belt models. But in the beginning, the Rolex Oyster bracelet was only used on the bubble back and early Rolex chronographs. Other watches may be fitted with belts, until one day (1952), Rolex made a noticeable improvement to the Oyster bracelet, creating the Oyster bracelet indeed what we know. The first Rolex bracelet hung on the lugs’ shaft, and there was a gap between the bracelet and the case. The watch chain hanging from the tree puts intense pressure on the watch pin, leaving a “safety hazard.” Rolex added a link to the end of the chain in 1952, integrating the watch chain with the case. Since then, the Rolex metal chain belt has begun to dominate the world. The first watch to use the “modern” Oyster bracelet was the 6542 Greenwich GMT launched by Rolex in 1954. Subsequently, the first generation of Rolex and the first generation of aquatic ghosts began to use the Oyster bracelet.

Rolex Oyster bracelet through the ages

There have been three versions of the Rolex Oyster bracelet, and the current Oyster bracelet is an enhanced version of the third generation.

The First Oyster Bracelet: The first Oyster bracelet was distinguished by its easy to see screw in each link. (Both ends of the link). A genuine Oyster bracelet inserted at both ends of the association. It is a unique feature of the first Oyster bracelet.

Second Oyster Bracelet: The double Oyster bracelet has a feature. We can see that it consists of a metal disc that folds inward from both sides. The rod that worn inside the bracelet is not visible from the outside and hidden in the bracelet’s hook. It is what the second Oyster bracelet looks like it.

Third Oyster Bracelet: The third representative chain feature a “Closed bracelet” is a standard design today. The watch link is side-sealed, screw-free, tangle-free, and the bracelet Rolex Oyster’s full link currently boasts this design. (Please note that it looks the same), a third-generation feature.

Compared to three Rolex Oyster bracelets from top to bottom, namely from the first to the third.

Comparing the three Rolex representative chains from left to right is the first to the third generation.

From hollow to solid

Our regular fake Rolex watches are now a third-generation Oyster bracelet. The biggest problem with the third generation Oyster bracelet is the perforation and hardness. The link for the third generation Oyster bracelet has a side seal. But the strap of the original third generation Oyster has a hole in it. The outside is completely closed. But it is empty inside. It believed that the reason Rolex perforated the bracelet was to reduce the weight of the watch. (This is just a guess.) But for whatever reason, some issues with a hollow connection can’t be avoided. There is indeed dirt and grime on open shirts, especially in the summer, when sweating and too much fat. Rolex should also be aware of this, so around 2010 (I think maybe it will be a little bit sooner. In 2010), they started changing hollow bracelets with solid bracelets. All bracelet links are solid metal. Well, the point where the Oyster brooch and box are stuck is perforated, but in reality, for example, new and old yachts, new 16622 and 116622 new connections, old model, unique and dependable voids. (Like a water ghost) the price is higher. And apart from that, between the old and the new, there is a reason The new Model uses more materials than the previous model.

In the first Rolex “screw” oyster bracelet, can see the screw on the bracelet and the use of the “ear-piercing” on the pin.

There is an issue with the vintage Rolex collection that needs attention. I found that some people bring their vintage Rolex collections to official Rolex aftermarket maintenance. During the maintenance and repair process, Rolex officials will replace some old parts with new ones. Most of us believe that Rolex’s service is excellent and comprehensive. However, this may not be good news for lovers of vintage watches because their watches are never original.

With Rolex’s second-generation “folding” Oyster bracelet, we can see that the bracelet connection is bent through a metal sheet over and over again, and the protrusions pierced.

I have never paid attention to the bracelet of any other watch except Rolex because the Rolex bracelet’s condition will directly affect the eye’s sales. One of the most significant characteristics of Rolex watches is the identification between the different models. It looks like a Rolex, but with a few small details and gaps, you can tell with one eye whether it is a new model or an old one. The bracelet is one of the most distinctive features distinguishing the new Rolex model from the previous model. There are currently many Rolexes in circulation on the market, the older models with five digits and the more recent models with six numbers being the largest. Those mentioned above 16622 and 116622 yachts are a perfect example. We can only use a bracelet in mechanics because we can’t see small details like shock absorbers and real spring-like you. The 16622 and 116622 bracelets are different. It looks like a Rolex, but with a few little details and gaps, you can tell with one eye whether it is a new model or an old one. Is evident at a glance. We often see this situation: the watch dealer sells a yacht with model number 116622. Its price is meager (lower than the average cost of 116622). So I don’t know about other watch bracelets, just some Rolex bracelets.

Rolex’s third-generation “sealed” Oyster bracelet, the bracelet sealed, and the protrusions are in the shape of a “shaft” without holes.

Last year, best replica Rolex released a new DAY DATE40 (228238). The new DD40 takes advantage of new technology in its bracelet by replacing the ring-connected steel shaft with a ceramic bar. Early Rolex watch chains, especially the five bead chain with more interconnections, will loosen after a long time, and the links will relax and not be healthy. After switching to the ceramic shaft, the ceramic is more wear-resistant than the old steel shaft, making the bracelet stronger. In keeping with the usual Rolex tradition, it anticipated that in the future (several years later), all Rolex bracelets will be replaced by new ceramic shafts, and the standard of Rolex bracelets will generally improve again. Always imitated, never crossed, this is the Rolex bracelet.