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List of the 10 most expensive Rolex watches currently available

When we talk about replica watches, you can hardly think of the Rolex brand. Although Rolex does not produce the most luxurious, ingenious or special watches, the brand is still first associated with “luxury watches”. Don't get me wrong: Rolex is one of the best watches in the world. Not in terms of spectacular complexity or very rare materials - but in terms of quality and serious watchmaking. Therefore, Rolex watches - especially vintages - are becoming more and more valuable, which is logical. Currently (although it may change), these are the 10 most expensive Rolex watches in the world.10. Rolex Daytona Ferrari Red - $ 267,203The Rolex Daytona Paul Newman replica collection is one of the most sought-after collections in the world. The brand is fully woven with the crown. This Daytona Ferrari red is one of them. Wearing such a Daytona on your wrist, you will definitely...

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