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The Audemars Piguet replica series is named after one of the founders of the brand.And represents the century-old heritage of easy to read and tradition to clarify best understood by university graduates .

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However, audemars piguet swiss reasy to read: 67651BA.ZZ.1261BA.02 best understood by college graduates

Function:so, hour. Minute. Date display certainly

Movement: Calibre 2713 quartz movement, diameter fairly easy to read, thickness 2.20 mm. Number of rubies 7, quartz frequency 32,768 Hz

Case: fairly easy to read yellow gold case, but 33 mm diameter, with anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and case back.Therefore Screw-in crown, water-resistant to 50 meters?on the other hand?very easy to read

Dial: Blue dial, engraved with “easy to read.” With gold fluorescent hour A markers and Royal Oak handsTherefore

Strap: 18K yellow gold strap with AP word folding?Diamonds: 40 brilliant-cut diamonds. Total weight approximately 0.73 carats for instance?

Cartier Tank Americaine In Stainless Steel Case Crocodile Leather Strap Replica Watches

In case you somehow missed it, the Cartier Tank replica watches turn 100 this year. The iconic rectangular watch was designed and produced in 1917, with the first models hitting stores a little later in 1919. As you may know, the design of the watch was inspired by the horizontal section of the Renault tank during World War I. The story goes that in 1918 the prototype was offered to General John Joseph Pershing, commanding officer of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe at the time (though this prototype is yet to surface).

Throughout the decades, that original Tank has spawned many iterations, including (but not limited to) the Tank Cintrée, the Tank Anglaise, the Tank Francaise, the Tank Louis Cartier, and the Tank Allongeé. It has been made in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and stainless steel. There are some with enamel, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, you name it. But one thing has remained the same throughout, and that’s the familiar rectangular case shape with the Roman numeral dial. For this year’s big anniversary, Cartier has released a series of watches to celebrate including a re-vamp of the Cartier Tank Americaine, this time in stainless steel.

Cartier Tank fake watches.

The Tank Americaine was first introduced in 1989 and quickly became a classic. It was inspired by the Cartier Tank Cintrée replica watches (originally designed in 1921) and its elongated curved rectangular case. It’s a slightly sportier take on that extremely slim, curved watch, with a bolder look. Up until now, the Tank Americaine has only been produced in precious metals, but now we’re finally getting the Americaine in steel, and in three sizes no less.

The three watches are pretty similar, mostly distinguished by their case sizes. The small measures 34.8mm x 19mm, the medium 41.6mm x 22.6mm, and the large 45.1mm x 26.6mm. All three feature a silvered dial with brushed center and elongated Roman numerals that wrap around the edge of the dial. The crown has the characteristic sapphire cabochon, which has become something of a calling card for Cartier’s watches.

The small model contains a quartz movement copy Cartier watches, while both the medium and large versions of the watch are powered by an automatic movement. You’ll notice that the small model only has hour and minute hands, while the other two have center seconds as well (clearly Cartier didn’t want a ticking seconds hand on the small model). There is no information yet as to exactly what movement is inside these watches, but it is not an in-house Cartier caliber.

Ballon Bleu De Cartier Moon Phase: Once In A Blue Moon

When a brand introduces a whole new collection, press presentations usually focus on the new addition to the family. So when Cartier introduced the Drive de Cartier, I did not expect to find a new addition to the Ballon Bleu family in one of the brand’s signature red and gold boxes.
Especially not a Ballon Bleu with moon phase.
In Cartier’s rich history, the moon phase has been largely and conspicuously absent. Why?
That is a question easier to ask than to answer. In the early days, when the brand joined forces with LeCoultre to supply many of its movements, it would have been relatively easy to obtain a movement with this complication.
That said, replica watches Cartier wouldn’t have had problems obtaining any complication for its watches, yet as complicated as its manufacture clocks were, the brand always kept its watches simple, elegant, and uncluttered.
Refined details and dials did the talking, wrapped in timeless, shaped cases.


That does not mean that Cartier has always fully refrained from using the moon phase. The Santos, Tank Americaine, and Louis Cartier Tank all have featured models with moon phase and date hand indications, yet these are among the very few that Cartier made where the moon printed on a disk travels across a cutaway, the most traditional haute horlogerie way to display the moon phase.
Cartier has usually favored displaying the moon phase in a more unique way. The calendar and perpetual calendar Pasha de Cartier models of the 1990s all had a moon phase in which it was the disk actually moving in front of the moon to display the current state.
The same concept, but technically far more advanced, was used in the stunning Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon.
When Cartier introduced an upgrade of the Rotonde de Cartier Jour et Nuit in 2014 (and a new version again in 2016) it equipped this watch with a moon phase. Since the entire bottom half of the dial was available to do so, the brand opted for a moon phase indicated by a retrograde hand.
To come back to the original question as to why the moon phase has been largely absent from Cartier’s history, it is because it often did not suit Cartier’s design language.
Given this history, you can understand my surprise when I laid eyes on the Ballon Bleu with a traditional moon phase positioned at 9 o’clock. At that moment I had no shame, took the presented watch, and immediately strapped it onto my wrist.


The bezel features 1.47 carats’ worth of pavé-set, brilliant-cut, colorless diamonds, but I didn’t care. I also didn’t care that the watch was aimed at the female demographic. Hey, I have an x chromosome in my DNA like everyone else!
I didn’t even care that the two fashionable press colleagues from Vogue present at the presentation raised an eyebrow to my actions; fashion always starts by somebody doing something for the first time!


It’s no secret that the Ballon Bleu has been quite a success for Cartier. It not only pleased the existing customer base, it has also appealed to quite a few clients new to the brand with a collection ranging from the understated Ballon Bleu Extra Flat to the no-holds-barred Serti Vibrant (see Rods, Springs, And Palpitating Diamonds: The Ballon Bleu De Cartier Serti Vibrant).


As it is a well-rounded watch (pun intended), the Ballon Bleu features a design that is quite suitable to incorporating a moon phase indication.
This also becomes evident when you examine the care Cartier took to get this watch just right.


The “canvas” is a 37 mm Ballon Bleu with an aperture at 9 o’clock for the moon phase: Cartier opted to display the state of this celestial body in the most classic way possible. At first it looks like part of the fringe holding the railroad track was cut out, but when you look closer you see that it actually continues around the moon phase indication the same way it does near the crown; only the hour and minute markers are really absent.
Cartier also cleverly alternates the guilloche pattern on the dial, pulling the moon phase complication into the overall design of the watch, yet also subtly drawing attention to the complication.


Unless you are an amateur astronomer, a moon phase complication is pretty useless. It’s like those beautiful, handmade copper pots in your kitchen: they look great, but you never use them.
In a watch that is actually not a problem, but just like the makers of those handmade copper pots cheap replica Cartier watches online put a lot of effort in creating this moon phase module. I guess head watchmaker Carole Forestier-Kasapi and her team don’t get out of bed for anything less, but still the precision of the moon phase module is nothing less than impressive.
A clever setup with seven teeth and star-shaped gears allows the moon phase disk to make one full rotation in 59 days and 90 minutes. Since that covers two full lunar periods, the accuracy per lunation is 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes, creating an error of only 57.2 seconds per lunation (11 minutes and 26.4 seconds a year).


You probably won’t notice it, but please make sure to tell your grandchildren that they tell their grandchildren that a little over a hundred years from now, they need to reset the moon phase by one full day.
Did I already mention that the moon phase is an actual module? One that sits on top of the movement? I have been told by luxury fake watches Cartier that it not only fits on externally sourced calibers, but can also easily be adapted for use on Caliber 1904 MC and 1847 MC.
That is very good news because, unlike me, you might not jump at the opportunity of putting a gold-encased, diamond-set 37 mm ladies’ watch on your wrist.

- Cartier-

However, if this was a gold or stainless steel Calibre de Cartier on a leather strap, it would would probably be a whole different ball game for you, and that might just be what Cartier has in store for us in the near future.
Quick Facts
Case: 37 mm, pink gold or white gold set with 1.47 ct diamonds
Movement: automatic ETA Caliber 2671 with moon phase module developed by Cartier
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds; moon phase indication
Price: $37,100 (cheap fake Cartier pink gold on leather strap), $39,700 (white gold), $52,500 (pink gold with pink gold bracelet)

Superb Copy Santos De Cartier WSSA0009 Watches With Two Substitutable Straps Or Bracelets

Hello, everyone! Thanks for your waiting and welcome back to the website about Cartier watches. In this post, I’d like to share you excellent watches fake Santos De Cartier WSSA0009.

Here I have some information about the 39.8 mm replica Cartier watches. They have steel cases and bezels, screw-down steel crowns set with blue sapphires, screw-in steel backs and steel bracelets with additional orange calf leather straps. The watches with steel bracelets and leather straps give you two feelings. Buy the watches, you seem to have two new watches.

Besides, the fine copy watches have silver-plated dials. On the dials, there are large black Roman numerals, clear black scales, remarkable blue sword-shaped hands and small date windows at 6 o’clock.

All in all, the decent fake watches are well-designed on both appearances and performances. And the watches can guarantee water resistance to 10 bar.