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Fake patek Philippe has successfully developed many calendar functions. So far, Fake Patek Philippe Replica Watches including simple window-type date display . And sophisticated 100-year perpetual calendar display. Which can correctly display the date until the 28th century.

After a long time polishing.The perpetual calendar has become a well-deserved feature of replica patek Philippe. The patent almanac introduced in 1996 has a complete almanac function.?

Today, replica patek Philip continues to leap forward.Launching a weekly calendar watch that displays the current week number. Further expanding its portfolio of “complex and practical functions” series. It is a handy feature, even in the era of globalization. Where smartphones are prevalent.


The replica patek Philippe weekly calendar watch uses a shiny white dial. And a relatively rare five-centered pointer layout. Its design is unique and unique.

Elegant and charming. Two faceted hour and minute hands, paired with four faceted black white gold Barton-style hour markers. Complement each other — the slender second hand equipped with a counterweight. The hammer-shaped week hand relies on the “red hammerhead” , and the circular scale ring in the middle of the dial to indicate the day of the week.

Another side of the same design shows the number of weeks and months through two sets of concentric scales on the outer edge of the dial. Also, there is a window date display at 3 o’clock. Another unique feature: the typeface used in this watch is specially designed based on the handwriting of a designer patek Philippe replica watch; whether it is a letter or a block, it is unique.

They are carefully printed on the dial with black ink, adding a poetic touch to the watch, reminiscent of the days of handwritten paper diaries.


Replica patek Philippe uses the scarce stainless steel Calatrava case, which is 40 mm in diameter and 11.18 mm thick. The finely polished bezel is then the slightly curved double-layered lugs and is striking.

The argument is first cold-formed by a high-tonnage press in the case factory of patek Philippe Geneve fake, and then carefully polished by experienced craftsmen, relying on extremely complicated grinding processes to eliminate sharp edges and angles.

Its aesthetic design is inspired by Patek Philippe’s masterpiece. 2512. It was born in 1955 . And is now in the patek Philippe nautilus replica museum. The models of the new Calatrava weekly calendar watch use. The same numbers and only change the order.Highlighting the deep roots of the two.

The slightly curved box-shaped sapphire crystal adds a retro touch to the watch. Through the sapphire crystal lens on the stainless steel bottom cover. You can see the exquisite mechanical beauty of the movement.


Fake patek Philippe watches developed. A new semi-integrated device that displays the day of the week, and the current week number. It has a thickness of 1.52 mm and consists of 92 additional components.

At the same time. A particular motherboard was specially developed for the device to ensure , that the movement is still thin. There is a 7-tooth star wheel on the hour wheel in the center of the action, which used to control the day of the week display.

The sun gear of the other 7-tooth star wheel uses an extended tooth tip to drive the 53-tooth. Peripheral bike through a forked rod. The weekly calendar device advances in a discontinuous semi-instantaneous manner. Effectively avoiding peak energy consumption. Two push pins at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock on the side of the case used to adjust the day and week number, respectively.

This patek replica adopts the fail-safe design concept. The wearer can adjust it at any time.Without any interruption, no need to worry about damaging the movement. patek Philippe fake is very concerned about the convenience and ease of use of sophisticated features.

The 53-week division scale takes into account the year with 53 weeks. It will happen every 5 to 6 years, and the next time will be 2020.

“Cartier Replica Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” with ELLE Active! Start Women’s Entrepreneurship Discussion

“replica cartiers Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” with ELLE Active! The women’s event jointly conducted a roundtable discussion on women’s entrepreneurship at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. The site specially invited the “replica cartier watches Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” for the 2011 Asia-Pacific winner and Chen Chunhong, chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy-saving Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Madam, Ms. Yang Yan, judge of the “replica cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award,” CEO of Hirst Media Advertising Group China, Ms. Ling Zihan, the first professional female technology startup platform in China, founder and CEO of “Her Camp,” As well as Ms. Zhang Chenling, the founder of “Wei Guoqing,” as a representative of outstanding women and their guests to share their entrepreneurial experience and unique insights.

Ms. Pu Yingying, Public Relations Manager of fake cartier watch China, Ms. Chen Chunhong, Asia-Pacific Winner of the “cartier replica watches Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” in 2020, and Chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy-saving Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Ling Zihan, Ms. Zhang Chenling, Founder and CEO of Wei Guoqing, Judging for the “fake cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award,” Ms. Yang Yan, CEO of Hurst Media Advertising
As a gift for the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the award, cartier watches replica commissioned INSEAD to conduct an in-depth and detailed analysis of the “cartier fakes Surge Female Entrepreneur Award” and related projects in the past ten years, and evaluate the social value is created. With influence. In 2020, the fake cartier watches  “Living Thoughts Women Entrepreneur Award” has officially started to recruit. Female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial dreams and enterprising are invited to submit applications at before 17:00 on August 31, 2020. Start the dream journey of entrepreneurship.

Cartier Watch Fake Taichung Taiyuan 100 Store Launches New Independent Premium Watchmaking Zone

The 9452 MC is a floating tourbillon movement, which won the Geneva Seal for Cartier, has featured in Cartier’s many watches. Its unique and unique C-shaped tourbillon frame and double C-shaped bridge cleverly combine Cartier’s noble blood and fine watchmaking craftsmanship. This exquisite design element has become the most advanced Cartier watch. A striking iconic visual symbol.

9452 MC floating tourbillon movement

Since the 1961 edition of the Geneva Seal, which is known for its strict standards, only a handful of six watch brands have won this award. The exquisiteness of the 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement is evident. When the campaign first appeared in SIHH in 2008, it was amazed by its exquisite decoration and impeccable craftsmanship. To meet the excellent process standards set by the Geneva Seal. The 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement not only polishes and polishes the corners of all steel components but also screws. Axles, gear surfaces, gemstone shafts Parts such as eyes have also been polished and modified. The gemstone shaft of the bridge part treated with a semi-matte surface, and the slots are polished. In 2010, this legendary movement s loaded into the newly designed Calibre de replica cartiers floating tourbillon watch, and once again became the perfect embodiment of interpretation of male taste and lifestyle.

9452 MC floating tourbillon movement

Engraved with the Geneva Seal, the movement is 24.5 mm in diameter, 4.5 mm thick (5.45 mm for the tourbillon), 19 gemstones, 142 movement parts, 2,160 cycles/hour, power reserve for about 50 hours. , the movement is engraved with an independent number
The striking Roman numeral hour markers “XII” are the iconic visual elements of the Calibre de Cartier collection.
The textured super-large-size Roman numerals XII .and the layered diffused curved pattern give the dial a delicate but straightforward art style. The interest of the layer spread makes the line of sight reach the visual center of the floating tourbillon. A master-watchmaker. When the floating tourbillon dances like the emptiness of the second hand, there is a timeless mystery that only the rational and the sensible person can see through.