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Cartier Nagel Replica New Style, A New Interpretation Of The Charm Of The Watch

The 9909 MC caliber was developed and manufactured entirely by the Cartier workshop and is the first movement in Cartier’s exceptional watchmaking range with multiple time zones, housed in the Calibre de Cartier watch. This multi-time zone movement offers a variety of innovative and practical features that are clear and easy to read, making it a veritable traveler’s watch.
A movement designed for travelers

Multiple time zones display complex functions, sometimes referred to as world time, that can read time information for various cities automatically or as required.
Cartier introduces a new multi-time zone complex watch designed to:
– Provides all the practical information for contemporary travelers, such as departure time with day/night display, destination time, daylight saving time and winter time indication, and the latest features showing the time difference between selected time zones, surprising No!

– Realize all of the above time display functions in a limited space while providing precise reading time.

– Easy to operate, making it easy for the wearer to master all functions and displays.

Bright, easy-to-use multi-time zone watch

The sun and moon symbols on the dial below the center of the watch indicate the time of departure. The leading hand of the clock shows the destination time, which realizes the multi-time zone function, and the second time zone time is straightforward.

The 9909 MC self-winding movement differs from the traditional multi-time zone caliber in that it is located on the side of the watch. Through intelligent design, the magnifying glass on the bottom of the watch magnifies the destination display while avoiding too much indication on the dial. Just press the button to read the time of the 24 reference time zone cities. Each time you press the button, the cities and corresponding time are displayed one by one, and the time difference between the reference city and the travel city! The last major innovation of the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch, with daylight saving time and winter time conversion. In the five months of daylight saving time, you only need to read different levels of time on the city dashboard.

A new interpretation of the masculine watch: Calibre de Cartier watch

The Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch is 45 mm in diameter and is full of men’s resolute temperament. The bezel extends to the dial, with a large Roman numeral 12, a crown shoulder and a side magnifying glass at 9 o’clock.

The Calibre de Cartier watch has all the classic elements of a branded watch: Roman numerals, “minute track” scales, blue steel hands, and cabochon sapphires.

Case: 18K white gold

Diameter: 45 mm

Crown: 18K gold octagonal crown with a multi-cut sapphire

Mirror surface: sapphire crystal mirror

Back: Sapphire crystal transparent back

Waterproof depth: 30 m / 100 ft / 3 bar

Upper dial: dark gray plated glyph, silver-plated open grille, with solar radiation effect, black transfer Roman numeral hour markers

The following table: silver, black transfer Arabic numerals.

Pointer: sword-shaped blue steel pointer.

Pointer: 昼/night and multi-time zone blue steel hands.

Strap: black alligator strap

Buckle: 18K gold folding buckle

The limited number for sale: 100 pieces

9909MC multi-time zone movement

Movement: Cartier 9909 MC automatic mechanical movement, multi-time zone, city display panel, (departure) day/night and time difference indication

Frame diameter: 111⁄2 cents, which is 25.58 mm

Total diameter: 151⁄2 cents, or 35.10 mm

Thickness: 6.68 mm

Ruby bearing number: 27

Number of movement parts: 287

Balance frequency: 28 800 times per hour

Power reserve: about 48 hours

Independent number movement

Fake Cartier Tank Watches Are Unparalleled

In the past four years, Cartier’s exceptional watchmaking series has repeatedly created, and the creativity and imagination of the watch designer perfectly combined with the craftsman’s exquisite technology and outstanding craftsmanship. In 2011, Replica Cartier Watches re-launched several heavyweight works at the 21st SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie, including three new top movements and the latest Calibre de Cartier wrist with the Astrotourbillon celestial tourbillon movement. Tables and other great works, the beauty of the high elaborate craftsmanship, and the luxuries of luxury and luxury are unparalleled.

Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon celestial tourbillon watch

The Astrotourbillon celestial tourbillon movement, which launched last year, was developed by the Cartier Cartier workshop for five years and has now become the driving force behind the Calibre de Cartier collection. This unique timepiece is the best of Cartier’s Cartier watchmaking, with a limited edition of 100 pieces.
The new 47mm diameter titanium case with four lugs extending down to the wrist, the double shoulders are matte and polished, and the striking oversized Roman numeral XII on the dial will be the masculine performance of Cartier’s Cartier style.
It is equipped with the 9451MC calibre developed in 2010 and has a power reserve of 48 hours. The Astrotourbillon, a turret-operated tourbillon with a built-in tourbillon and a balance spring, is unique in that it has several unique features. First, its frame located. The centre of the movement, so a first rotating shaft is required. For this reason, the entire gear transmission system must be redesigned from the double barrel of the change to the display of the hour and minute hands. But are arranged on one side of the structure and connected to the axis of the rotating shaft. Finally, the entire tourbillon frame placed above the movement between the two dials, rather than directly integrated with the action like a traditional tourbillon.

Fake Cartier Francaise Watch Creates Cross-century Time Aesthetics

The CartiCartier’sng Taiyuan 100 store is undergoing renovations. It is especially independent of the high-end watchmaking series, focusing on the display of exquisite works. It is a complete display for collectors and consumers who love Cartier’s exceptional watchmaking series.

Cartier especially changes the color and material of the wall to present the uniqueness of the first watchmaking area. It also adds a unique set of sales tables to allow guests to enjoy Cartier’s exquisite work. At the same time, Cartier exhibited a variety of complex performance models, including Skeleton skeleton watch, calendar watch, chronograph, perpetual calendar, and tourbillon, etc. Cartier also plans to implement the concept of an excellent watchmaking zone to Cartier. Entire Taiwan store.

 The Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 store is undergoing renovations, and the high-end watchmaking series is specially separated to focus on the beautiful works.

The Cartier Taichung Taiyuan Hundred Store is the opening of the ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 7, 2019. The new Cartier store, which costs 10 million yuan, has a new three-story exterior wall. It is the first store design of Cartier in the world. The store is close to 100 pings, and it is also the largest Cartier Replica store in Taiwan, creating new landmarks for China and Taiwan. On an opening day, Cartier also specially invited Jolin Tsai to cut the ribbon for the first time, and Xu Xuefang, the general manager of Dayuanbai, cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. On the spot, another model Akemi, Rusia, Lin Yiru, and Li Xiaohan, performed an elegant performance.

The independent high-end watchmaking area of ​​the Cartier Taichung Taichung Store specializes in the color and material of the wall, presenting the uniqueness of the first watchmaking area. It also adds a unique set of sales tables to allow guests to enjoy the exquisiteness of Cartier. Works.

The Cartier team specially designs the three-story radial façade. It is based on LED lights and covered with special-cut giant glass. Each piece of glass has different cutting sizes and uniquely customized for air transportation from abroad. At the time of assembly of three months, the night sky in the big station illuminated. In the nearly 100-pound store, the complete planning and various products have separate shopping spaces, including jewelry, watches, accessories, and custom wedding rings that are popular among Taiwanese consumers. To allow VIPs to enjoy and consume in it, they have a more comfortable and spacious consumption space.

The three-story exterior wall of Cartier’s Da Yuan Bai store showcases the style

At the same time, to be considerate to consumers, Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 stores, arranged several trading tables and sofas, allowing consumers to browse the beautiful jewelry watches, but also have a comfortable rest space. The appearance of the store maintains the Cartier Global Direct Store, which has always blended the elegant image of modernity and romanticism. The light gleams under the refracting of the French crystal lamp, and the jewel watch in the display cabinet reflects each other. Delicate and welcoming every VIP who comes to appreciate.

Cartier Watch Fake Taichung Taiyuan 100 Store Launches New Independent Premium Watchmaking Zone

The 9452 MC is a floating tourbillon movement, which won the Geneva Seal for Cartier, has featured in Cartier’s many watches. Its unique and unique C-shaped tourbillon frame and double C-shaped bridge cleverly combine Cartier’s noble blood and fine watchmaking craftsmanship. This exquisite design element has become the most advanced Cartier watch. A striking iconic visual symbol.

9452 MC floating tourbillon movement

Since the 1961 edition of the Geneva Seal, which is known for its strict standards, only a handful of six watch brands have won this award. The exquisiteness of the 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement is evident. When the campaign first appeared in SIHH in 2008, it was amazed by its exquisite decoration and impeccable craftsmanship. To meet the excellent process standards set by the Geneva Seal. The 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement not only polishes and polishes the corners of all steel components but also screws. Axles, gear surfaces, gemstone shafts Parts such as eyes have also been polished and modified. The gemstone shaft of the bridge part treated with a semi-matte surface, and the slots are polished. In 2010, this legendary movement s loaded into the newly designed Calibre de replica cartiers floating tourbillon watch, and once again became the perfect embodiment of interpretation of male taste and lifestyle.

9452 MC floating tourbillon movement

Engraved with the Geneva Seal, the movement is 24.5 mm in diameter, 4.5 mm thick (5.45 mm for the tourbillon), 19 gemstones, 142 movement parts, 2,160 cycles/hour, power reserve for about 50 hours. , the movement is engraved with an independent number
The striking Roman numeral hour markers “XII” are the iconic visual elements of the Calibre de Cartier collection.
The textured super-large-size Roman numerals XII .and the layered diffused curved pattern give the dial a delicate but straightforward art style. The interest of the layer spread makes the line of sight reach the visual center of the floating tourbillon. A master-watchmaker. When the floating tourbillon dances like the emptiness of the second hand, there is a timeless mystery that only the rational and the sensible person can see through.

Interpretation Of Best Fake Cartier Watches Juste Un Clgu Independence Spirit

In July 2019, Best Fake Cartier Watches teamed up with the brand’s best friend, China’s new generation star, Lu Han, to present a new blockbuster “Secret Yourself” for the JUSTE UN CLGU series with independent freedom. The modern city of the streetscape transformed into a beautiful stage. The Luhan wears the Cartier JUSTE UN CLGU series. In rhythmic music, bravely releases itself, and confidently controls the pulse of the world. On the road of chasing dreams, Together with JUSTE UN CLGU, the word “nail” belongs to the era of “I”.

I always knew what I wanted, went to the goal, and was not disturbed. And I am independent of myself. —— Luhan


JUSTE UN CLGU, born in the 1970s, is a classic symbol of immortality and fanaticism. Its name, the original meaning is “I, is a nail”, and the actual connotation is far more than that. From the hands of Cartier’s ghost designer Aldo Cipullo, JUSTE UN CLGU’s inspiration comes from the usual hardware tools. Still, with its simple and unique shape, it gives the wearer a unique and avant-garde temperament. For more than 40 years, no matter how the times change, JUSTE UN CLGU has always conveyed the infinite desire for freedom and independence.
Every era is active with such a group of pioneers who adhere to themselves and do not follow the trend. They pursue their dreams in their unique way, thinking independently, spiritual freedom, expressing themselves in their way, knowing the world, and thinking about life. It seems to be rebellious and seemingly unruly, but it is substantial and courageous. Lu Han, the 90-year-old generation of positive energy idols, with his tenacity and courage, has become a pioneer that cannot be ignored in this era, and this is where JUSTE UN CLGU fits with Luhan.


Luhan never stops, does not Compromise the pursuit of dreams. As he sang in his song: “Life can only move forward, and those who believe in faith are heroes.”


In this short film without a line and no slogan, Luhan once again showed her self. In the colorful urban background, she expressed the spirit of JUSTE UN CLGU with confident and bold dance steps. Every firm looks, and every powerful action shows the same firm attitude. He collided with JUSTE UN CLGU passionately, like the electric light flint that erupted through the resistance of time, and boldly told the world: I, nail myself! He is Luhan, and he is also the pioneer of every era, self-confident, self-confident, bold, and angular, embracing the charm of the era created by Cartier Replica JUSTE UN CLGU.


Fashionable and not mediocre, individual yet straightforward, sought after but not drifting, JUSTE UN CLGU is always with the pioneers of each era, conveying endless vitality and forge ahead, releasing true self, eclectic.
“I, ‘nail’ righteous to myself!”

Cartier Silver Replica Watch Is A Romantic Jewelry For Love

More and more people don’t want to get married. More and more people don’t believe in love. If I tell you, the story of the prince and Cinderella is real. The story of love beauty doesn’t love Jiangshan. You will Will not expect a little more from love?

The heroine of the story is the first woman to be selected as the “People of the Year” by Time magazine. She has had two marriages, and she has been a mistress. Her love story has been passed down from generation to generation. She is Wallis. • Simpson. The male protagonist of the story is King Edward VIII of England, the later Duke of Windsor. To meet Simpson, he retired the throne. When he abdicated his speech, he said: “I can lose everything I have, my property, my throne. But except Wallis, she is the home of my life. If she loses, she will lose everything about me. If that is the case, then where will I go?” In 1936, Simpson became the Duchess of Windsor, and the Duke of Windsor gave a Cartier Silver Replica Watch emerald ring to the Duchess as an engagement ring.

Duchess of Windsor wears a cheetah brooch.

In addition to the emerald ring, there is also a brightly cut diamond bracelet that also witnesses their love. The Duchess wore nine jeweled Latin crosses, each of which was a gift from the Duke of Windsor with the same gemstones, including aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby, yellow sapphires, amethysts, and long sticks. Shaped diamonds, each with a date and an inscription on behalf of their love and intimacy, represent the critical moments of their life from 1933 to 1944.

This “Cheetah” jewelry is one of the favorite collections of the Duchess of Windsor, and the numerous Cartier Replica products represented by the cheetah brooch have become classics with this love. Today, the cheetah is still one of the symbolic totems that Cartier Silver Replica Watch admires.

The leopard-shaped bracelet that the Duke of Windsor gave to the Duchess has known for a long time.

It is gorgeous, and the most special is the sturdy, long legs that can swing. This pin was a sensation in the world in 1987, and it became a mark of the auction.

Duchess wearing a Cartier Silver Replica Watch necklace

Another story is about the story of Cartier’s heir, Joseph Cartier Silver Replica Watch, and its designer, Jenny Dusan. In the spring of 1919, it was an extraordinary season for the 44-year-old Joseph Cartier. In April of this year, Joseph attended a gathering of the upper class in Paris. At the party, he met Jimmy Dusan, who was just 24 years old. Jenny mentioned the “Cheetah” jewelry worn by the Duchess of Windsor. Hand. I’m afraid no one thought that this would be a turning point for Cartier. Colleagues are also the beginning of a tragedy.

It is also the love of a prince and Cinderella. Like all the bridges of the idol drama, this love is destined not to be supported. But unlike the idol drama, after all the hardships, the two did not come to a successful ending. Joseph Cartier killed in a car accident, and the heartbroken Jenny put all his efforts into fulfilling Joseph’s wish. Enthusiastically invested in Cartier’s work, and finally achieved the brand’s story.

Chen Yuxi, Chen Xiao wear a couple of tables.

Chen Xiao wears a Cartier Silver Replica Watch watch.

On the wedding invitations of Chen Yuxi and Chen Xiao, the two wore lovers and wore a Cartier couple table. The picture was very loving. At the wedding, the two also chose Cartier jewelry and watches.

Ma Sichun wears a Cartier watch.

Countless women want to have Cartier. Many people like to propose and get engaged in the festival, witness the love of the token in addition to the regular roses and rings, Cartier watches are also very suitable, when you give time to the other party, love will also be eternal.

Replica Cartier Watches: No Longer a Mystery

Replica watches could be used for more than enough elements. Replica wrist watch isn’t a fake watch.

replica cartier watches

Most Noticeable Replica Cartier Watches

Cartier watches are extremely elegant and flashy. There are lots of techniques to obtaining a Cartier Watch and it truly is dependent on your financial status about which would best fit you. One particular affordable method to get a Cartier Watch would be to buy a replica. It isn’t really hard to go for a Cartier watch that’s appropriate for your style, they’re so different. Most Cartier watches use a substance named LumiNova to supply the glow on the dial and hands that enables you to read time in darkness.

Choosing Replica Cartier Watches

In accordance with your work categories and economy, you can select the useful replica watches to match your laundry. Most replicas aren’t sold with a warranty, which might become costly in the long term.

Replica Cartier Watches Options

Fake watches are a bad purchase decision because they’re unlawful and since they’re usually crap. They are found in places where you expect to find a fake watch. If you’re searching for a brand-new Rolex replica watch, you’ve come to the perfect location.

If you get a watch from a respectable looking retailer for an amount within a couple of hundred dollars of retail, then it’s real. Also, if you’re thinking about purchasing a luxury watch, you’ve got to be sure that it’s fully insured. The watches are also rather impressive. In case it appears implausible that you’d have a costly watch, folks may assume it is a fake and judge you for it. You can rely on us to help you to find that ideal replica Rolex watch for your requirements.

Great replica TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph watch

Making a three-handed version of one of the most iconic sports timepieces of all time requires some level of madness, but the replica TAG Heuer is never shy of excitement – even when marking Heuer’s own history. Although Autavia is just a veritable name, its latest arrangement still seems to make it proud of the same brand. It has a large proportion of the outer casing, a newly designed multi-layer dial, no need to replace the tool belt of the new system, and use a fake TAG Heuer new Timer certified movement carbon composite spring technology. Although it still feels a bit visually safe, the new Autavia Isograph boldly skips the previous design cues and adopts a new visual direction, suggesting the future of TAG Heuer without completely abandoning the past.
Can you imagine a three-handed Supermaster or Daytona? As I remember the strange sensation of sliding the Navitimer sans chronograph on my wrist, the first time I put on a new three-handed replica, TAG Heuer Isograph, triggered the same reaction. But these feelings are quickly over, and we’re leaving a safe but very pleasing and eye-catching modern sports watch with eye-catching, forward-looking technology.
It was here that Autavia began to make more sense with its three-handed form – it was just an interpretation of TAG’s sports and classic pilot watches, filling the gaps in the series for a long time.
As Ariel discussed in detail in his news report on Autavia Isograph, the best replica watch is equipped with the TAG Heuer Calibre 5 calibre, which has been upgraded to the “Isograph” carbon fiber composite hairspring, suggesting that it may become the future. The standard all TAG Heuer reissue three-hand automatic movement. But perhaps more importantly – and maybe why we have deployed them in more economical watches – they can be made cheaper than the above alternatives, which is very important.
The Calibre 5 calibre is equipped with a 6 o’clock date aperture, all certified by cosc, making Autavia the most affordable observatory under the brand and one of the most economical entry-level in the Swiss watch industry. Metering performance. Although we did not see the new trends behind the solid case, in the end, we are very happy to see that TAG Heuer uses this technology within Autavia to provide better and more valuable products without affecting the rate.
In terms of price, the cheapest way to get into Autavia is through the same-tone stainless steel bezel, but the real vocals of the watch are inserted into the ceramic bezel, with black, blue and green dials to choose from. The 42mm waterproof case is relatively compact and the 100m waterproof case is suitable for all wrists. It features contrasting brushed and polished lugs and is engraved in a unique “TAG Heuer” style, familiar to anyone working with modern Carrera or Autavia chronographs.
But what really sets the watch apart is the dial itself, which is matte, with a fine texture and a better surface finish, starting from the light in the middle of the dial and darkening when it reaches the slanted dial. It’s especially cool in low light, seeing Lum’s sides glow, not just the top. Each five-minute mark in the dial is embellished by the angular “notch” of the metal insert – these elements add depth and personality rather than a rather static matte dial.
In addition to different dial colors and case execution, TAG Heuer
The engraved watch also allows the layman to easily change the strap and triple link and requires a neat, tool-free accessory system. Fortunately, these boxes are drilled and accept standard spring bars, so you can use your own belt if you wish. These elements are combined with a two-layer coated sapphire crystal. You have a watch decoration that is not only simple on the wrist, but also easy to take pictures.

Breitling aviation timing AB012012 series replica watches evaluation

The brand of Breitling is no stranger to everyone. It belongs to a medium-sized brand, not luxurious but not ordinary. Since its inception in 1884, the Breitling watch, known as the “aviation computer,” has only produced pocket watches and produced luminous instruments with timing functions for the military, and has since focused on the production of aerial timing replica watches. It has also provided precision and reliable cockpit timers for large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Douglas, and Lockheed. Through years of continuous evolution, its products have remarkable features, which not only meet the needs of aviation, navigation and other professional fields but also bring new design elements and styles to everyday people’s wristwatch wear.
Breitling fake watches air chronograph material selected from the conventional 316L steel forging type, the diameter of 43mm dial is consistent with the original, using the original 1:1 official mold opening. The gloss of 316L stainless steel is very high after polishing. The rotatable bezel is very well polished, and the inside of the bezel is recessed. This arc process is challenging, but the degree of reduction in our hands is very high.

Mirror The Breitling fake table is made of sapphire glass mirror and is coated with an anti-reflective blue film. Mirror transparency is also high and scratch-resistant. The color of the dial is black and white, and black and white is also a standard color match in the bezel. The entire panel system is quite complicated. There are a total of 6 hands. The hand and hour and minute hands and hour pointers of the chronograph are located on the center axis. Many of the friends watching are also separated from second-hand and second-hand chronograph. This JF Breitling chronograph watch is a very slender reed needle with a Breitling classic logo at the end of the chronograph.
Hours and minute hands, as well as hour pointers, are filled with luminescent material to ensure an average reading at night.
Show The 3 o’clock position is the chronograph distribution. The disc pointer is a silver-white pointer. The internal tick line of the disc is also very accurate. The 6-point timing disc is marked with 3, 6, 9, 12-time scales. 9 o’clock is a small second feature. It is worth mentioning that the function of JF Breitling Air timing is compelling. In addition to not being able to read this week, others can be read directly. The Calendar window is between 4 and 5 points. The position and scale of the JF calendar window are reasonably accurate. Compared to the genuine version, the date position is slightly closer to the dial. The text system on the disk surface is also in place, and the number of timescales, the scale, and spacing of the tick marks is outstanding. Another exciting thing is that the metal Breitling sign at 1 2 points is very striking on the dial.
Compared with the original, slightly less, they are layered very strong.
Dial The carefully polished dial has an elegant sheen, and the outer poop ring provides better maneuverability for bidirectional rotation. The top of the crown has a century-old logo, and the traditional round chronograph button has a retro feel.

Crown The spin-in design of the head and the fine polishing of the head are truly dazzling, with a triangular pit pattern on one side of the head for easy time adjustment. The left and right side of the head are timing startup (pause button) and reset button, and the timing button is polished to quite round and smooth. The Breitling mark on the crown is also very engraved. The sculptor is very praiseworthy, both in terms of different locations and the size ratio of the top.
The other side is also polished very smooth.
The side of the box is polished and finished is very good. Breitling is a bottom cover with compact design at the bottom and relatively strict control of detail. The case also bears the trademark of Breitling.
The carving around the middle circle is a conversion table converted by Celsius and Fahrenheit, and the engraving process is three-dimensional, regardless of the digital marker on the bottom cover.
Movement Or the logo is perfect, and the manufacturing process is quite good. This Breitling is equipped with a 7750 chronograph movement, which is very powerful and enables accurate implementation of all the original functions.
The 7750 caliber is also very stable.
Take The material and shape of the strap are consistent with the counter. The strap is made of black cowhide and is very soft, with the brand name printed on the back.
Polished steel case folding buckle and brand logo relief on it.
Dial If you’re obsessed with oversized dials and multifunction watches, then this watch is perfect for you. The dial of this watch is super large, 43 mm. The large black dial echoes a small three white dial. The contrast between black and white provides a visual impact. The red little second hand and the upgraded version of the Kimbretlin twin-wing aircraft logo become the last touch of the entire dial to bring vitality and improve to a calm black dial, which is easy to read.

A brief review of Rolex explorers and Rolex submariners

rolex watch